Here is the link to the Summer Math Packet:

Here are links to resources to help you with the Summer Math Packet:
1.  You could go to the website (the website for our textbook).  (Follow the link for "Students" - green, then click on the "Easy Access Home Edition" - Common Core 2014, Regular Pathway - Green Edition, then go to the chapter that covers the problem you are having trouble with.

2.  You could also scroll down (when you are on the Regular Pathway page of the website) and follow the links in the "Additional Student Resources" section.  The Basic Skills Handbook and Skills Review Handbook have lots of practice by topic.  The Basic is easier.  Explore these areas. 

Another idea might be to go to

3.  You can also explore math by topic here.

During the regular school year, you can follow the link to daily homework: